Another beautiful girl – Coquitlam Newborn Photography

Two amazingly cute girls came to visit me in the studio last week.  Big sister T was so ready to show off her new baby sister and was quite the helper.  It was fabulous to meet the B family and I have a feeling that mom was ready to meet her little one sooner rather than later with this heat we’ve been having.  I think that this is the first time this year that I haven’t had to crank the heat in my studio for a newborn session!

Enjoy your newly expanded family!

Avery022 Avery042 Avery047 Avery063 Avery104 Avery121 Avery144 Avery157

Made with Love – Coquiltam/ 150 Mile House Newborn Photographer

This little guy is going to have some big shoes to fill (or should I say boots?)  His parents are both firefighters, and have a passion for the job.  It was so great to incorporate some of the gear into our session, and dad even got into his pants for a few shots.

Little Baby G has now gone back to 150 Mile House near Williams Lake after his early arrival in Vancouver.  Lucky for Mom she came down to the Lower Mainland a little early, as Baby G didn’t want to wait any longer.

Enjoy your teasers!



Griffin053  Griffin058 Griffin071 Griffin077 Griffin106 Griffin116 Griffin122


Dainty Little Miss C – Coquitlam Newborn Photography

Little Miss C was a star for our session.  She was a dream to pose, and didn’t mind when I wrapped her in all sorts of fabrics.  And that hair… oh my gosh.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a newborn with frosted tips before, but she came out of the womb with style!

Rothenberger021 Rothenberger025 Rothenberger035 Rothenberger044 a Rothenberger055 Rothenberger079 Rothenberger081 Rothenberger085 Rothenberger111 Rothenberger129 Rothenberger154

Happy Mother’s Day!

Even though it’s Mother’s Day, I feel blessed every day that I have two amazing sons who are such characters, and who make me laugh on a daily basis.  They are helping to mold me into a better person, and I can’t imagine my life without them.
Here’s a shout out to all the great moms out there. To the ones that are just starting out, learning the nuances of what each little sound means; and who maybe sometimes feel like they have no idea what they are doing. To the ones who have loved and lost a child… the heartbreak is unimaginable to me, but I wish you all the strength in the world to not give up.  To each and every mom, I say to you “Do your best, and you will be great.”  That’s all that these little people who look up to us ask for… our best we can be on each given day.  Sometimes your best might just be that you got them dressed and fed… there shouldn’t be any judging as long as you do your best.

Here’s to each and every one of you that is a mom, or love a mom….  enjoy your day!

Adam023 Alyssa143 BabyG BabyK089 Blissett105 Cody172 Rothenberger127

And Baby Boy makes 4 – Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

The day I had this family into my studio was so great. They already had a precious daughter, Miss S, (who throughout the shoot was offering me pretend cake slices from the playroom downstairs — so cute!) and now had welcomed into the world. Master K.  He slept like a champ, and has the best lips around!

Enjoy your little man, and your teasers!

, BabyK093 BabyK099 BabyK114 BabyK160 BabyK176 BabyK179

Sisters make the best friends – Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

It’s so awesome when client’s refer me to their friends, as I love all my clients and have such a great time photographing their families that it really means a lot to have them pass along their experiences.  This was the case with Shannon, who saw her friend Jessica’s photos that I did last month of her new little guy.

I am so glad that Shannon and Johnny brought their lovely girls to the studio for a session, as both girls are just cute as buttons.

Older sister R was a little shy at first, but soon enough she was comfortable enough to get in front of the camera and give me some smiles.  She sure does love her sister, and that bond is going to be so special throughout her whole life.

Here are some teasers.. enjoy!

Alyssa016 Alyssa025 Alyssa044 Alyssa093 Alyssa106 Alyssa117 Alyssa134

~ Baby B ~ Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

What a gorgeous family I got to meet last week in the studio — so full of love and smiles.  Little baby B decided to make her arrival a little earlier than expected, sending mom and dad off to the hospital in the middle of the night 3 weeks before her due date, but once they saw her perfect little features all was forgiven.  Baby B was 20 days new at our shoot, but she slept like a champion.

Enjoy your sneak peek of your lovely family!

Brooklyn009 Brooklyn016 Brooklyn042 Brooklyn060Brooklyn070Brooklyn080Brooklyn054    Brooklyn094 Brooklyn118 Brooklyn124

Sweet Little Baby G – Coquitlam and Vancouver Newborn Photography

This sweet little girl was a dream to photograph… and so cute with all her chubby rolls.  At almost 9lbs she has been one of my bigger newborns, but still so easy to pose and sleepy.  She was just 6 days old for our session and slept the day away while we worked.

Here are some of my favourites…. enjoy!

BW Vasquez001   Vasquez068a Vasquez077Vasquez009 Vasquez079Vasquez034  Vasquez112Vasquez102

A Superstar! – Coquitlam and Surrey Newborn Photography

I met little Baby A when he was just about two weeks old and he was a superstar.  He was awake with some amazing eye contact, showing off his big brown eyes, and then fell asleep and let me play.  F and H… you are going to have a little heart-breaker on yours hands with this handsome guy!

Enjoy your teasers! (make sure to scroll down to the last photo for the best soother EVER!)

Adam018 Adam021  Adam057 Adam080 Adam101 Adam107 Adam117Adam035

Surprising love, right from the start – Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the surprising introduction of Baby A.  Mama-to-be J and I had been in contact for months, planning her maternity session.  We chose a date in January, many weeks before her March 4th due date, and prepped for the session.  A few days before the session J called to say that she was in early labour and wasn’t sure what was going to happen. We kept in touch, and for a brief moment it looked like she was going to get released for a few days to get ready for baby.  We booked in our session for a Wednesday, hoping that labour would hold off and we could capture her maternity moments. The little one had other ideas, though.  At 34 weeks baby decided he had waited long enough to meet his parents and J went back to the hospital to give birth.  Baby A was 6 weeks early, but a healthy little preemie.

I got to finally meet J, S, and Baby A at our newborn session a few days before the actual due date.  Enjoy these teasers of your amazing little man…

Blissett003 Blissett046 Blissett053 Blissett070 Blissett073 Blissett083 Blissett105 Blissett113 Blissett122