Throwback Thursday – Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

This family was so laid back and casual with their first born son…. I remember this shoot so well.  New parents can be anywhere on the spectrum from sleep-deprived, high-strung, to calm and casual, and this couple definitely fell into the latter category.

Little Mr. R, pictured here, just welcomed a new brother into the world a few weeks ago, and I get to meet him on Sunday.  I’m looking forward to seeing how much R has grown in the past 2 1/2 years and seeing the family again.

RomanThrowbackYay for more cute baby snuggles!  Keep your eyes peeled for more baby cuteness once I take his brother’s shots!

Throwback Thursday – Brotherly Love – Burnaby Family Photography

I have two sons.  They are blonde, blue-eyed, and have the most amazing smiles.  Most of the time, they love playing with each other, entertaining each other with games, lego, songs…  and their love for each other started way before Logan (the youngest) could even talk.

I love this picture of the two of them.  Ian is 3, and Logan is about 6 months old.  They are sharing a moment, and looking back, I can see how strong their bond connects them.


Throwback Thursday – GLEE – Burnaby Family Photography

In 2010 I did some family photos for a good friend.  The light was amazing, her kids were well behaved, and it was such fun capturing their family.

From that shoot, I had one image that I loved above all the others.  When the Metro News announced they were holding a Worldwide Photo Contest and one of the categories was Emotion, I knew which image I wanted to submit.


I’m proud to say that this photo placed 1st place in Canada, and went on to finish 9th out of the Worldwide competition.