A New Life – Vancouver Maternity Session

N & W are super excited to be expecting their first little baby, and I was super excited to have them join me in my studio to capture this wonderful time.  They were so fun, and I can’t wait to meet their little one when I do the newborn session.  Enjoy your sneak peek! maternity Nina

Winter’s Day in Port Coquitlam


Even though my business is taking portraits of people, I still love getting out into nature to capture her beauty.  A friend and I went exploring along the Pitt River, hoping for sun, but instead getting fog.  What a fabulous time to shoot, with the soft fog creating a watercolour background and the still waters reflecting. Pilingsbw  There were so many interesting shapes and tones that caught my eye, from the wooden pilings in the water, to an old tree, half submerged, to the reflected lines of an aluminum boat in the nearby marina. boatIn the afternoon, back in Coquitlam, my front yard had undergone a drastic change.  In the morning, the yard was covered in wet, white snow, but on return from our walk the snow had melted and the crocuses were back in full bloom.  I love colour, and the complimentary purple petals against green grass was begging for some shots.  Crocus 1Crocus 3 It seems I went from winter to spring within a matter of hours.  Both landscapes I find beautiful… such is the nature of Nature. Enjoy!

Simply adorable – Coquitlam Newborn Session

When Carla contacted me to do her newborn photos, I was excited. Then she told me she had two other children and I was over the moon! I love incorporating siblings into newborn shoots, and capturing the new addition with the whole family.  Her two older children were dreams… played in the playroom or my sons rooms with barely a peep while little Miss G slept peacefully on in my studio.

Here are some of my favourites from the session…

BabyG                                                                           love those newborn smiles



siblings                                                                                          sibling cuddles




brothersisters                                                                                    aren’t they just adorable?



kim culbert photography goes bloggy!

I am so excited to be venturing out into the world of blogging.  I have always admired people who keep a blog, and can commit to making it an exciting place for others to visit.  This blog will be where I showcase my sessions with my fabulous families,  share insights and tips on how to take better family photos, and let you peek into my life with my husband and crazy two boys.

I’ll end with a picture of said boys… I am so thankful for these moments where all is giggles and hugs! My two boys