Surprising love, right from the start – Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the surprising introduction of Baby A.  Mama-to-be J and I had been in contact for months, planning her maternity session.  We chose a date in January, many weeks before her March 4th due date, and prepped for the session.  A few days before the session J called to say that she was in early labour and wasn’t sure what was going to happen. We kept in touch, and for a brief moment it looked like she was going to get released for a few days to get ready for baby.  We booked in our session for a Wednesday, hoping that labour would hold off and we could capture her maternity moments. The little one had other ideas, though.  At 34 weeks baby decided he had waited long enough to meet his parents and J went back to the hospital to give birth.  Baby A was 6 weeks early, but a healthy little preemie.

I got to finally meet J, S, and Baby A at our newborn session a few days before the actual due date.  Enjoy these teasers of your amazing little man…

Blissett003 Blissett046 Blissett053 Blissett070 Blissett073 Blissett083 Blissett105 Blissett113 Blissett122

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