Countdown To Christmas – 22 days Stunning Mama-to-be

22 days seems like a lot of time.  Until you add work, school, kids events, Christmas events, shopping, concerts… and then, Christmas is here in a flash.
I hope this stunning mama enjoys her daughter’s first Christmas. 

From Inside to Out – Maternity and Newborn Photographer

This sweet couple contacted me in the summer to book their maternity session for September.  They knew that they wanted an outdoor session, and Deer Lake Park was the perfect choice with the variety of backdrops within easy walking distance.  We had a great time strolling down the paths, and along the boardwalk, and I could tell that this couple were made for each other.  They always had smiles on their faces.


She is just so stunning.

And then, at the start of November, exactly on her due date, little Mister N decided to show up.  Full of a dark head of hair, 10 fingers, 10 toes and the perfect little mouth, baby N was a dream to photograph.  He slept the entire time, and saved all his pee for after the session.

What a cutie.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

e x p e c t i n g ~ Coquitlam Maternity Photographer

This stunning mama-to-be really wanted an outdoor session.  Unfortunately our rainy Lower Mainland weather was not cooperating.  After delaying a week to see if the weather was going to behave, we decided to do an indoor maternity session instead.  It’s a good thing that we didn’t wait another week to see if the weather would turn for us, as S had the baby 4 days after our session!  Talk about timing!

I think pregnancy suits her… such an awesome glow, and a gorgeous baby bump.

The Beginning of Something New – Coquitlam Burnaby Maternity Photographer

This warm spring weather has been amazing for late afternoon photography sessions and I had the pleasure of capturing the special time for my friend as she creates a new life.  I love shoot pregnant mamas, as the human body is truly amazing, and I find it so captivating to photograph those special moments before a baby is born.

The Coquitlam River and forest was a gorgeous backdrop for our session.  Please enjoy the teasers:

L Mat

Expecting a boy! – Coquitlam Maternity Session

I contacted Ashley a couple of weeks ago to see if she would model some maternity tutus that I had made for a client back in January. My previous client went into labour super early so we never got a chance to do her photos, and these tutus have been waiting for a chance to shine.

Our session took place in my home studio and Ashley was so great — she had brought a few outfits to show off her belly as well as a cute idea with her jammies and stuffed elephant.

Here’s a little sneak peek from our session… I loved so many it was hard to narrow them down. Ashley Mat11 Ashley Mat13 Ashley Mat26 Ashley Mat32 Ashley Mat39 Ashley Mat40 Ashley Mat46 Ashley Mat74 Ashley Mat78 Ashley Mat81 Ashley Mat89

Waiting on an October surprise – Coquitlam Maternity Photographer

I and A are so excited to be welcoming a little girl into the world sometime in the next few weeks.  If they are anywhere near as prepared for the birth as they were for our maternity shoot, this little girl’s entrance is going to be smooth sailing!  Mom-to-be had so many amazing outfits, and great ideas for our shoot… I especially loved the gum!

Enjoy your teasers, and I can’t wait to meet your little one….

Ida1 Ida2 Ida3 Ida4

Before the Baby – Coquitlam Maternity Photographer

I love it when previous clients refer new clients to me, and especially when they are expecting their first new bundle.  I must say, this ridiculously gorgeous mama-to-be looked great in everything she brought and it was easy to capture her wonderful smiles.  I can’t wait to meet the baby and capture some more great moments for this family. Enjoy your teasers…

EMat EMat2 EMat3 EMat4 EMat5 EMat6