From a wee newborn to handsome 1 year old! – Coquitlam Family Photographer

I bet I say it every time  — I love the Baby’s First Year sessions.  I get to watch these amazing little newborns, fresh on this earth, grow into a little person, with such character by the time they are one.

Little Mr. A came early into the world, not waiting for his momma to get her maternity shots done.  I got to capture the newness of him, the smiles, the adorable features, so perfect.


6 months later, he came back into the studio… sitting up, sticking his tongue out at me every chance he got, and just enjoying the life.  Already his spunky character was starting to show through, and we had a great time capturing his goofiness, and spunky nature.

6 months007

Fast forward to his 1 year session… this little man has so many expressions, and just takes life as it comes.  The range of emotions flash across his face as he takes in the birds in the sky, the dogs passing by, and all the love and cuddles from mom and dad.

We had a fabulous session at Ambleside Park in West Vancouver, and the weather was gorgeous. (it could have been a bit warmer, but really, for March — it was awesome.)

It has been a pleasure watching this little man grow, and I look forward to future years!


2 month model – Coquitlam Newborn Photography

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when a mom contacted me to do newborn style photos with her two month old daughter.  Usually my newborn sessions take place within the first 12 days after birth when the baby is super sleepy and poseable.  What I got for my session instead was a gorgeous dark eyed beauty, who had amazing eye contact and lots of happy awake time.  I think this is the fastest I’ve edited a session as well, since she had the most flawless skin.   Enjoy your sneak peek!


Updating Family Photos – Port Coquitlam Family Photography

These friends of mine, they have a gorgeous family.  The issue was that the last family picture they have is when their youngest, Mr. C, was just a baby.  Skip ahead 4 years and it was time for an update.

The fall day was bright, but cold, and Mr. C wasn’t having any of it.  The outtakes from this session were priceless, as the expressions on Mr. C’s face had a variety of moods.  In the end, I got some great smiles from him, and got a new family photo for the wall.

Enjoy your teasers….






The Magic of the Season – Coquitlam Family Photography

I love Christmas.  I love the crisp weather, the lights, the festivities and the gathering of families.  And I love capturing the magic of Christmas while it happens all around me.

I had a session last week that I took a shot that captured a little bit of how I feel.  Enjoy, the Magic of Christmas!







Mommy and Me Mini Sessions – Coquitlam Studio Photography

As a mom, I know that I don’t always feel like having my photo taken.  I’m tired, I’ve probably got some food substance stuck to my clothes, and my mind is running through various endings to how the latest “adventure” my sons are trying to achieve via superhero capes and couch jumping is actually going to end.
But, as I look back in our photo albums from the past few years, I realize that I have been missing.  I am the photo-taker, the organizer, the one that gets everyone else ready and is overlooked in our family photos.  I want to have photos of me, enjoying my kids, enjoying the moments when they are little, for us to look back on in the years to come.  I want my kids to have photos to remember me, at this age, at this stage.

I am offering Mommy and Me mini sessions on May 24th to capture this time, these moments in your life with your little ones.  The sessions will be 15 minutes (just long enough to capture some great emotions, expressions, moments and then send you on your way with some home baked goods.) and you will receive 2 digital images with a print release, and a password protected online viewing gallery with your session images.  All a la carte prints and digital files will be discounted for this promotion – 50% off the regular prices which can be found by visiting my website, – Pricing.

Please contact me if you have any more questions, or if you would like to book your session.  Let your man know if this is something that you would like as a Mother’s Day gift and get him to contact me at  Bookings are limited, and it’s first come, first served.  There are approx. 10 sessions in this time frame.

Take the leap and capture yourself with your children… they’ll thank you for it later.

Mommy Sessions