Winter’s Day in Port Coquitlam


Even though my business is taking portraits of people, I still love getting out into nature to capture her beauty.  A friend and I went exploring along the Pitt River, hoping for sun, but instead getting fog.  What a fabulous time to shoot, with the soft fog creating a watercolour background and the still waters reflecting. Pilingsbw  There were so many interesting shapes and tones that caught my eye, from the wooden pilings in the water, to an old tree, half submerged, to the reflected lines of an aluminum boat in the nearby marina. boatIn the afternoon, back in Coquitlam, my front yard had undergone a drastic change.  In the morning, the yard was covered in wet, white snow, but on return from our walk the snow had melted and the crocuses were back in full bloom.  I love colour, and the complimentary purple petals against green grass was begging for some shots.  Crocus 1Crocus 3 It seems I went from winter to spring within a matter of hours.  Both landscapes I find beautiful… such is the nature of Nature. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Winter’s Day in Port Coquitlam

  1. Congrats on your new blog Kim!
    I know your talent and although I live in the same place, I love to read the history behind each shot!
    This art is obviously for you (and for us to admire!) and it clearly brings you happiness!

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