Gorgeous Family with a gorgeous backyard in gorgeous light – North Vancouver Family Photography

Do you think I enjoyed this shoot?  Do you think I think it was gorgeous?!?  Well, it was.  When Melody contacted me to shoot her extended family in her North Vancouver backyard I was a little nervous about shooting such a large group in a location I’d never seen.  One look at her backyard and my nerves were calmed.  A huge sectional couch was an amazing backdrop, plus cedar hedges along the edge, and the coolest rustic fence ever. (I’ve been told that I can have the fence when they renovate, and I just might take them up on the offer! It had so much great texture!)

Here are some of my favourites from the session:

Melody3 Melody4 Melody5 Melody8 Meoldy1 Meoldy2 Meoldy6 Meoldy7